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St. Ambrose Catholic School

4506 Park Heights Avenue

Baltimore, Md. 21215

(410) 664-2373




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“Saint Ambrose School is an archdiocesan school and as such is accredited by AdvanvedEd.”

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Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore provide a Christ-centered education that is academically excellent and empowers students to reach their full potential –spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and morally. Fostered through robust collaboration among all stakeholders, the mission is accomplished through accountable leadership at all levels, ongoing and coordinated strategic planning, centralized efficiencies, and financial sustainability.

 St. Ambrose Catholic School exists to create a loving, enriching, and motivating environment where students may reach their full potential. Beginning with the foundation of the family, we strive to develop the whole child; intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and   spiritually always conscious of the special challenges faced by today's urban society. The Gospel values are integrated into all areas of the school program, and Christianity is demonstrated as a life to be lived, not merely a subject to be taught. At St. Ambrose Catholic School, academic excellence, respect, and responsibility are the keys to success. It is our goal to develop lifelong learners and good Christian citizens of the world who are skilled and capable of setting the standard for generations of the future.



St. Ambrose Catholic School has been an integral part of the west Baltimore since 1920. Clustering of the Catholic schools in the city made it part of the Rosa Parks Inter-parish Schools from 1972 - 1996. Restructuring in 1996 reinstated the name and parish identity of St. Ambrose to the school. It continues to serve the students and families of our community with quality education in an environment centered in Gospel values.




















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